Google Fiber The next chapter of Internet..!

Google Fiber is the “journey to bring ultra-high speed Internet to Kansas City.” With 1Gbps up/down data speeds, which is over 100 times faster than America’s average broadband connection, Google is setting out to re-shape what we think of the Internet and TV as a whole. 
Google also introduced an entire line of hardware that will work specifically with the service, including a network box, storage box, and even a TV box. From now on, buyers will be using Google for all of their Internet and TV needs. 

So, how much will it cost? Google announced three separate packages that buyers can choose from. There is a basic installation/construction fee of $300, which includes a Google Fiber team member physically coming to your home and running a fiber cable straight from the line and setting up all of the equipment for you. But, depending on which package you order, the $300 fee is waived.


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