Malasiya Airlines Missing Plane Not On Google maps...!

As the search continues for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the Boeing 777 that disappeared regarding one hour into its flight from Kuala Lumpur to capital of Red China, several involved individuals have turned to Google Maps in an effortto find the missing aeroplane.
Several users claim that they really found it.

Several satellite pictures on Google Maps close to the Vietnamese island of Cầu Ma Thiên Lãnh clearly show associateaeroplane. Different users claim they noticed Flight MH370 close to Kenyir Dam in Terengganu.

Unfortunately, it isn’t potential for these pictures to really be Flight MH370, as satellite pictures on Google Mapssquare measure taken many weeks or months before they seem on Google Maps.

This truth hasn’t stopped hopeful seekers, and therefore the rumors gained enough momentum that Googleopposition. (NASDAQ:GOOG) Malaysia issued a press release to inform users that the pictures on Google Maps area unit recent.

“Yes, the pictures is also there, however it's not real time satellite pictures because the pictures could have provided toU.S. many weeks or months agone [sic],” a Google Malaysia proponent told Malaysian newspaper The Star. “Thesepictures that area unit
captured would generally contain pictures of airplanes sometimes on its flight path and can't belikely as a attainable crash web site.”

This isn’t the primary time pictures captured for Google Maps are accustomed draw spurious conclusions. Users weara minimum of twiceclaimed to possess found proof of a murder on Google Maps.

That’s to not say that it isn’t attainable. Google has really captured a murder scene before, and Google Maps has
compete a task in finding against the law on many occasions. Google Maps additionally captured the last living photograph of a man’s deceased grandma.

As for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, officers same on Wed that the search space has been expanded to one hundredmaritime miles (115 miles) to incorporate
the bay.


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